At Nuberg, we shape the future through the most ambitious EPC projects. We respect diversity, and put into practice an open-door policy all through the hiring process. We are backed by more than 200 engineers having proven track records and professional skills. They are nurtured with a common culture of trust and caring.

Nuberg HFD facilitates its people freedom at work, diverse resources, learning facilities, unmatched leadership and the opportunity to seize growth and move ahead in their career. We provide them challenging, interesting and encouraging projects that polish their skills and bring into them a sense of professional fulfillment.

Nuberg Corporate Team

We encourage entrepreneurial skills henceforth, enabling and empowering our employees to take risks and prove their ability. Not just this but we also promote employee participation by inviting their valuable opinions and suggestions.

Today we are among the fastest growing companies. This growth calls for greater investment in talent. If it is in you to excel in your career, come at Nuberg to have the right platform and bring your imagination into reality!

Work Environment

There is friendly work environment at Nuberg which helps employees create a professional bond with each other. Well-resourced manufacturing facility spread in an area of about 115000 sqm ensures better learning environment. Our well-equipped workplace gives our employees state-of-the-art facilities to hone their skills.


There is no dearth of opportunities to seize growth, excel in career and move further. Apply online for various posts and positions we hire through.