Earned a global standing amongst the leading EPC companies, Nuberg has an extent of capabilities that speak loud about their successful project completion and contracts. The capabilities of Nuberg include:

Nuberg HFD Metallurgy


Nuberg supplies high quality carbon steel grades which have formed an important part of our product range and the company considers itself.
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Nuberg HFD Welding Capabilities

Welding Capabilities

The welding engineers working under Nuberg HFD are well-versed with more than thousand qualified procedures for an exceedingly wide array of metallurgies. Know More

Nuberg HFD Manufacturing Capabilities

Manufacturing Capabilities

Our manufacturing division is responsible for designing and fabricating heavy, medium and light equipment. Our manufacturing division. Know More

Nuberg HFD Design Capabilities

Design Capabilities

The design team of Nuberg HFD follows optimum quality design codes and standards. Our qualified and veteran design engineers draughtsmen . Know More

Nuberg HFD Dimensions Capabilities

Dimensions Capabilities

Heat Exchanger
Tubesheet Thickness: 300 mm
Heat Transfer Area: 2500 sq m
Pressure: 250 Bar
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Nuberg HFD Softwares


Our expertise in design software has helped us build robust projects for our clients globally. Our design software helps us proactively address . Know More