Nuberg is well-versed with different HFD sectors and is specialized in end to end designing, manufacturing and commissioning of process equipments like Reactors, Columns, Heat Exchangers, etc. used in:

Sectors Served:

i) Oil & Gas
ii) Chemical & Fertilizer
iii) Pharmaceutical
iv) Nuclear
v) Space
vi) Defense
vii) Steel
viii) Paper
ix) Others like Food, Pesticides

Our experience with critical equipments:

Fractionation Column Buffer Vessels Helical Baffle Exchanger Primary Gas Cooler
Regeneration Column Chlorine Reactors Fin Tube Type Gas Cooler
Distillation Column Sulphonation Reactor Corrugated Tube Hot Oil Cooler
Oxidizer Column Hydrogenation Reactor Economizer Coil LPG Cooler
Extractor Column Kettle  Reactors Falling Film Reboilers Regeneration Cooler
Absorber Column Chlorine Bullets Air Pre-heater Lean Solvent Cooler
Stripper Column Nitrogen Bullets Reactor feed Heater Propane Refrigerant Condenser
 Recovery Column Knock Out Drums Kettle Reboiler Lean Solution Cooler
HBFC Column Converters Waste Heat Recovery Boiler Lube Oil Cooler
Stabilizer Column Tail Gas Coalescer Brine Heater Steam Generating Condenser
H2S Scrubber  Air Receiver Chlorine Evaporator Vacuum Concentrator
Benzol Scrubber Hot Wells Surface Condensers Dephlegmator
Absorption Tower Vacuum Receiver Process Condensate Cooler Vent Condenser
Degasser Tower Deaerator    
Moisture Removal Column API tanks    

Chemicals & Fertilizers

Nuberg Engineering is specialized in fabrication of equipments for the process industry. We have manufactured the entire range of process equipments. Know More

Nuclear & Defence

Nuberg has fabricated critical equipments for Nuclear & Defence sector, making the group one of the leading manufacturing company in India. Know More

Oil & Gas

Nuberg provides cost effective & high quality products, which finds application in the major Oil & Gas industries around the globe. Know More


Nuberg is one of the leading heavy fabrication manufacturers and has an annual plant capacity of 4500 tons per annum to fulfill all kinds of requirement. Know More