Manufacturing Capabilities

Our manufacturing division is responsible for designing and fabricating heavy, medium and light equipment. Our manufacturing division is spread across an area of 115000 sqm in Gujarat, India. Our shops are close to major highways and ports.

Nuberg HFD Manufacturing Fabrication Facility

These shops are responsible for fabricating process equipments category wise for example, Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Reactors, Tanks, Column and Tower. Supported by a team of 2, 50,000 engineering man hours, Nuberg has a handling capacity of 60MT and production capacity 4500 MT. Nuberg holds capabilities in manufacturing: Diameter up to 6.5 meter, Length up to 80 meter, Weight up to 300 MT & Cold bending of plates up to 100 mm thick. To add to our profile, we also have years of experience in ferrous, non-ferrous & exotic materials.