Management Team

AK Tyagi

Anil Tyagi is the founder and MD of Nuberg Engineering, India's leading engineering, procurement, construction (EPC) and project Management Company with specialization in chemical process plants. With over 3 decades of rich experience spanning EPC projects, Anil is a name to reckon with in the chemical/EPC industry. Anil's pioneering work and engineering depth have helped Nuberg to innovate and develop in house technology for Chlor Alkali, Sulphuric Acid and Hydrogen Peroxide Plants.

He has an extensive and diverse experience in project engineering, process design, process commissioning, trouble-shooting and process management. Anil, a dynamic personality infused with entrepreneurial spirit, has soared to great heights in process design, solving complex technical engineering problems, streamlining and optimization of manufacturing processes and process management.
A mechanical engineer by profession, Anil with his far-sighted vision and keen business acumen founded Nuberg in 1996, after 10 years of experience in the private sector. He has contributed the necessary leadership and impetus to the group and with a clearly defined objective of bringing the best in the industry he has transformed Nuberg into an world class organization operating in more than 30 countries. Backed by a strength of 300 engineers, state of the art manufacturing facility in Gujarat and Noida and research centre in Sweden, Nuberg provides EPC services to Chemical & Fertilizers, Hydrocarbons, Steel and Nuclear & Defence sectors.

VK Gupta

VK Gupta is the co-founder and MD of India’s leading engineering, procurement, construction (EPC) and project management Company. VK Gupta has been instrumental in defining the company’s technology and product strategy focusing in Gas Plants. He is credited for developing breakthrough solutions in the gas division of the company and the industry.

A Mechanical Engineer, Mr. Gupta has a rich experience and accomplished professional life of 10 years in private sector before founding Nuberg. His vision has awarded the company with several technological innovations in the gas plant division. Mr. Gupta has been instrumental in developing several long-lasting partnerships for the success of the company. A win-win and ethical approach to business is what he believes in. His leadership has established many benchmarks in the company and for the industry as well.

Amit Tyagi

Amit Tyagi, Director EPC, since joining Nuberg, has helped grow the company’s partner and customer base. With a deep knowledge of the channel, a rich experience in this industry, and an extensive technical background, he is instrumental in bringing a new business line to Nuberg. Nuberg’s Heavy Fabrication Division is his brain child. He holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from Sheffield University, UK