Claded Material

Nuberg Engineering is amongst the premier companies to clad materials with years of experience serving an array of industries like energy, industry and infrastructure markets.

The cladding process in Nuberg results in considerable performance advantages. Our products are supported by a reliable service starting from managing the specifications to on time delivery. Nuberg has the superior combination of aesthetics and functionality together making it an ideal cladding solution for the clients .

Explosion Bonding
Nuberg specializes in explosive welding which also known as explosion is bonding. The process includes the bonding of two dissimilar metals or even more than two metals together with the help of explosives. The process is achieved by a high-velocity impact between the two metals

Weld Overlay
Each of Nuberg’s weld overlay products has been intricately designed for a specific process with highly controlled particle size distribution and morphology. The weld overlay is used by clients from various industries.

Sandwich Plate
Nuberg is experienced in handling sandwich plate demands and takes care to supply the best material in order to suit the specific demands.