Exotic Material

Capable of tackling parts up to 3/4 inch thickness including various other credentials like punching, cutting, machining, forming, shearing, stamping, welding, coating, design and shipping.

Nuberg Engineering is experienced in fabricating exotic materials which gives a high performance. We have the experience to accommodate the specific properties of exotic materials ensuring that a client’s need meets the specific requirements.

Nuberg is one of the reliable Titanium manufacturers in India and has a long list of reputed clients in the Industry. We are reputed widely for fabricating low density and corrosion resistant properties. Titanium has application in power generation, marine and military components.

Used for furnace and heat processing components, the tantalum produced by Nuberg is high-quality serving many industries. We provide a high range of types, dimensions, quantities of tantalum.

Haste Alloy
The haste alloys manufactured in Nuberg Engineering are capable of enduring high temperature, stress, severe corrosion and erosion prone environment. The usage of haste alloy is in reactors, pipes and valves in diverse chemical industries.

Nuberg Engineering is looked upon as one of the reputed manufacturers and suppliers of monel in India. Monrel find application in marine engineering, chemical as well as hydro carbon processing equipment and heat exchangers. Being one of the best in this industry we have a wide variety of monrel according to one’s requirements.

Nuberg Engineering is one of the trusted manufacturers and suppliers of Inconel. We have successfully served clients in a wide variety of industries and today we are proud to be a sought after company for inconel. Inconel is used in heat treating equipment, furnaces, and gas-turbine components, aerospace, chemical and marine engineering industries.