Our myriad experience and engineered solutions in construction, modification and fabrication, has categorized us among the top 15 steel erectors in India. Should be has categorized us among the top 15 heavy engineering companies in India.

Nuberg HFD Industrial Tanks

Nuberg HFD has a long legacy of know-how in the design and construction of storage tanks. Our portfolio includes execution of EPC contract for world wide major projects. The specification of the storage tank for this client includes diameter 2.4 m, length 11 m, thickness 20 mm and weight 20 Ton.

Our reference since our establishment has grown to include more than 50 tanks designed to the optimum quality standards for both domestic and international clients.

We are among a handful of global EPC players in the arena of delivering cryogenic storage solutions for the entire collection of service applications. Our expertise includes the entire range of storage tank solutions that encompass storage, handling, vaporization and refrigeration facilities.

As a reckoned EPC service provider in this division with in-house capabilities, Nuberg brings to the table a well-established arrangement of experience in storage tanks.

Conical Roof
Nuberg Engineering limited is focused on Cryogenic insulation technology equipment and systems. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of conical roof in India and is also a reputed supplier to leading international Companies worldwide. Nuberg has an impressive list of contented customers all over the world who stand testimony to our quality of products.

Rectangular Tanks
In Nuberg Engineering the rectangular tanks are designed with heavy walls for prolonged services under extreme conditions. The tanks supplied by Nuberg are used in multiple industries for plating, processing and storage.

API Tanks
Nuberg Engineering excels in fabrication and erection of API Tanks. Nuberg follows the standards of API-650 for its design, fabrication, testing and stamping of the tanks. Nuberg takes pride in successfully providing API tank solutions for over 40 years.

Nuberg supplies high quality decanter which are simple and safe in operation with a long life cycle. The materials used are corrosion and abrasion resistant materials.

Deaerator is the result of Nuberg’s years of experience in fabrication and manufacturing of a large range of equipment in power plants. Nuberg designs Deaerator so that it can offer sustainability in extreme conditions. Also, it is largely maintenance free therefore making it a cost effective solution.

Floating Head Type Tank
Nuberg holds expertise in floating head type tanks. Our floating roof tanks are used by the major oil companies in India.