Heat Exchangers

The most extensive heat exchanger range serving optimal technical solutions to all tasks. The unique inlet designs and plate patterns ensures a high thermal efficiency and heat transmission for any given pressure drop.

Nuberg HFD Industrial Heat Exchanger

Since 1996, we have been designing and manufacturing quality heat exchangers. The Nuberg HFD consolidates all the activities in the field of heat exchangers and comes with perhaps the largest portfolio in this area globally. With shell and tube heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers, air filter systems, air-cooled heat exchangers, primary gas cooler, waste heat recovery boilers and economizer coils systems for various areas of application – our heat exchanger segment gives broad coverage of the spectrum. Customers in worldwide market for oil and gas, power, chemicals, defence, water and waste treatment and many more, leverage from the highest standard of safety, efficiency and sustainability that our heat exchangers deliver at optimum level.

Shell & Tube
With a state-of-the-art fabrication unit Nuberg is a complete facility to design and manufacture complete range of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers for cooling, condensing and heating application. The fabrication facility is well equipped by ingenious design facility furnished with latest software & design and welding departments to construct manufacturing process for any material.

Helical Exchanger
Nuberg has established itself as a prominent player in Helical Heat Exchangers Manufacturer in India. Equipped with an up to date fabrication facility in Gujarat, the company has set the benchmark in the industry. Our products are highly appreciated in the domestic as well as the international industry for unprecedented quality designs and high performance thereby making us a prominent Heat Exchanger Exporter. These exchanger require high quality machinery as well as very critical assembly facility to provide justice to the process design and we are one of the only four players in India to supply such exchangers.

Fin Tube Type
Nuberg is a reputed name in the industry for producing one of the finest finned tubes in India. The tubes have versatility, speed, durability and efficiency that you require to maximize the potential of your operations. The company provides each customer the Finning systems according to their interest for helically rolled fins or for extruded high fins with a complete material handling system from the bare tube to finished finned tube.

Corrugated Tube
Nuberg offers a wide range of qualitative and durable corrugated tubes. Tubes served by Nuberg find application in all industrial solvents, acids, fuels, lubricants and coolants. The organization also manufactures highly flexible close-pitch and heavy duty hoses for different applications.

Primary Gas Cooler
Nuberg’s fabrication unit at Gujarat is well equipped with world class technology and facilities for providing high end manufacturing and fabrication. The company supplies heavy fabrication globally with its niche in primary gas cooler.

Air Pre- Heaters
Nuberg is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Air Pre-Heaters serving the major clients in the market. The company has capacity to supply New Air Pre-heaters, undertaking Renovation and Modernization jobs for enhancement.

Economic Coils
Nuberg is reckoned for its economizer coils and have successfully supplied these coils for boilers up to 210MW. The organization has acquired an innovative technology to supply, export and manufacture a wide range of Economiser Coils. Nuberg Engineering has a long list of satisfied clients in the market.