Waste Heat Recovery Boiler

The enhanced technology and the refined waste heat recovery boilers of Nuberg are integrated into nearly 40 applications in various industries, with a global installation base of over 300 boilers.

Nuberg HFD Industrial Waste Heat Recovery Boiler

Nuberg HFD supplies ultimate Waste Heat Recovery Boiler energy solutions to handle waste heat produced from different processes and applications to improve balance in minerals, oil and gas, ferrous metals, non ferrous metals, glass, cement and other domains. The solutions include a wide array of customized turnkey solutions to produce heat, steam as well as power.

Over the year, since our inception we have harnessed the ability to offer wide-ranging solutions and a standing for accomplishing innovative projects with the help of our wide application knowledge. At present, based on technology developed and continually refined by Nuberg HFD, waste heat recovery boilers (WHRB) are integrated into about 50 applications in different sectors with a worldwide installation base of more than 500 boilers.