Columns & Towers

High dimensional quality fabrication columns and towers with expertise in clad columns. We have fabricated columns upto 5m internal diameters, 50m length & 180MT weight.

Nuberg Industrial Columns & Towers

Our remarks include more than 100 process columns for industries like Refinery, Petrochemical, Fertilizer, and Nuclear & Defence in and around India since our inception. Our manufacturing plants in Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh are furnished with cutting-edge equipments and powerful engineering, manufacturing and quality-control panels to facilitate optimum quality service.

Since our inception we have executed major EPC contracts for columns for a number of renowned companies. With a broad range of mobile fabrication units & the ability to virtually recreate Plant services on the project site, we deliver a cost-effective solution and control to customers for their most significant equipment requirements.

Fractionantion Columns
A fractionation column is the heart of any refinery and Nuberg has a proven track record of successfully designing, supplying and commissioning the best in class fractionantion columns which runs for another 2400 hours.

Distillation Columns
Nuberg HFD excels in design, application as well as operation of distillation columns for industries where product separation is a major issue. The distillation technologies we provide for reactant/product separation include products like fractionators, vacuum columns, debutanizers, and catalytic distillation systems with many others.

Both in oil and chemical processing we experience in designing and operating of a wide variety of atmospheric as well as pressurized distillation columns.

Oxidiser Column
We supply best-in-class oxidizer columns to known fertilizer and chemical plants in India and the world. We are well-versed with all three thermal, catalytic and regenerative oxidizers that burn feed streams to generate environmentally safe products.

Extractor Column
We have set ourselves apart from our competitors by undertaking the project of extractor columns for Hydrogen Peroxide Plant.

To treat industrial waste and plan out a strategically removal of the toxic fumes and pollutants, Nuberg offers best quality scrubbers. Our engineers are capable of designing, implementing and operating wet scrubbers and venture scrubbers to control air pollution/remove toxic particulates. We are proficient in product plant area of steel plant and our equipments are successfully running for more than 20000hrs.

Steam Drum
Nuberg is reckoned as one of the reliable manufacturers of best-in-class steam drums. The team drums we provide are fabricated at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility where after fabrication the entire product goes through rigorous quality check process.

Degeneration column
Nuberg supplies high quality degeneration columns to the petrochemical industry in India.